Our Mission:

To help people live better lives through intentional living. Our brand represents a lifestyle of empowerinng individuals to better themselves physically, emtionally, spiritually and mentally. Our motto is: “Be The Best You Can Be.”

We are a Life Motivation Company.

RankUp represents you and your everyday grind to be the best version of you that you can be. RankUp was started in the summer of 2016 by CEO Nikii Dixon. The reason RankUp was created was because through Nikii’s life he has learned how important it is to always strive towards being the best version of yourself you can be. He has learned how doing that can bless your life and other’s lives in so many ways. These life lessons excited Nikii to make self motivation a big deal and encourage people to to do the same so that they are also able to Win in Life!

As beautiful as life can be, it can also be extremely brutal. In Nikii’s lifetime he has overcome several obstacles. He almost died a few times as a child from various causes. His biological dad died when he was young. Then, was faced with another tragic loss when his best friend was taken from this world much too soon in his early 20’s. Nikii is a product of divorced parents and he himself has been through a divorce as well. He has had to pick up his life and move several times. He has lived with the feeling of not being good enough for many years, he has fought through many years of living broke. He fights through depression daily in many shapes and forms.

Nikii says if it weren’t for God sending many people to love, encourage and support him through his hard times, he would have given up on life. Through all Nikii’s life and with everything he witnessed and has been through, Nikii has learned there will always be ups and downs but there will always be hope. Life is an amazing teacher that will build you up in a way that you may never have expected. Though Nikii doesn’t enjoy when life feels like he’s going through hell, he does appreciate the man he has become and is becoming because of his past.

Nikii’s heart to make a difference in people’s lives is undeniable. His experience in leadership includes previously being a youth leader at the Boys and Girls Club as well as serving as a youth pastor at multiple churches.

Let’s Make a Difference Together! #RankUp

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