Self Control

Time and time again, hearts are broken day after day. Dating is a huge topic with so much ground to cover. Lets tip toe into the intro that can help many of you, including myself, not get hurt so easy. 

First off, you have to ask yourself, Why do I want to date in the 1st place? As my boss always says "You're dating to get laid or you're dating to get married". I believe I should have payed more attention to this because it holds alot of value. 

So many want to be in a loving relationship that most the time the right questions are not asked before things go to far.

I believe it should be normalized to ask someone: Do you want to date to have sex and just fun or a serious relationship with fun that leads to marriage?

I'm gulity of diving right in and getting my heart all about someone and having sex with them and ending up getting hurt because they just wanted sex and they didn't think about things between us getting serious.

I'm old school. Very loving. Very passionate and romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Very transparent and honest. So when I get hurt, I become a cry baby and it totally crushes my world.

Why didn't I ask the question of her intentions with me? Oh yea, I was too worried that it would mess up the opportunity for me to have sex with her. So, I compromise my heart for some fun and ended up getting my heart punched. Never a good idea.

Self control is the perfect word for this. The more self control you have at the begining when getting to know someone, the more your heart will be protected. Your heart is worth protecting and not sacrificing for sex. Unless sex is your only goal.

Take some time with a piece of paper and pen. Write down how you would feel, inserting self control in your dating life and asking the upfront questions even if they seem uncomfortable.

Your mindset dictates your actions. Your actions dictate your daily outcome.


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