RUL Fitness


“We get the results we want from the ACTIONS we Take”


  • Rul Fitness provides daily Motivation to get Fit and Stay Fit.
  • We believe fitness is a crucial must for everyone.
  • Join us on a journey to help you get in the BEST SHAPE you can be in.

STEP 1: Write Down Your Goals!

  • What are your goal(s) for how you want your body to look and feel like?
  • Make a workout plan that caters towards you achieving these goals.
  • Make a weekly meal plan in order to help you achieve your goals.
  • If you need help, we can refer a certified trainer to help you.

STEP 2: Talk is Cheap! Put in Work!

  • Take daily and weekly actions towards your goals.
  • Make achievable daily and weekly goals.
  • Make one hard goal each month that forces you to work hard to achieve it.

STEP 3: Don’t Do This Alone!

  • Get a partner that can help keep you accountable to achieve your own goals while you do the same for them.

BIG Event: Gladiator – This event will be physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging to help you become a better: spouse, parent and/or leader. Compete to WIN and become the Elite Gladiator.

Ready, Set, Go!! #LetsGetIt

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